Contrary to belief, chiropractic is not just for adults! In fact, chiropractic care works best the younger you are. This is because chiropractic focuses on removing interferences to the normal expression of health. Children naturally have a higher expression of health than adults and when you optimize health at a young age the result is profound overtime! As part of our mission towards the betterment of community health, I believe in sharing a little bit about why our son Maximus will continue to have chiropractic care for the rest of his life.

Health is a journey of refinement, creation, and self-discovery for our family. From the moment of Max’s birth, he begin to take on this journey of life, collecting scars and making plenty of mistakes along the way (most were our fault). As parenting doctors we know that at the age of 25, he will have  met his peak skeletal and physical maturity. We also know that taking care of his health in the first 25 years will set him up for a lifetime of benefits.  We believe that every moment after birth should be about developing a conscious lifestyle around health and self-awareness. Maximus has been receiving care years before he was even born! My wife, had been receiving chiropractic care many years before Max was conceived. The entire time, her body was preparing in a more viable and healthy environment.

“The aging process occurs no matter what, for some the downward slope is a quick and painful process and for others it is slow and graceful one. “

The moment of conception creates a spark of life. These two cells become one and begin to replicate, giving way to millions of cells in just a matter of weeks. These early cells become the central nervous system which house the master blueprint for the rest of baby. As weeks go by the child’s nervous system is connected to the mothers nervous system via the placenta.  The mother and child are literally connected to one another by their nerve systems which create a constant feedback loop between the two- much like syncing your phone to Bluetooth speakers. When baby is in need of certain things such as vitamins, minerals, calories, or antibodies, it will communicate to the the mother’s autonomic (subconscious) nerve system located in the brainstem at the base of the skull.

The brainstem houses the subconscious centers of the brain which keep everything going automatically. If the child requires additional protein for DNA building blocks, the brainstem will relay an overwhelming sense of hunger to the mother for foods rich in proteins and amino acids. This is also why sometimes cravings can be unexpected, unusual, and unavoidable. The same thing happens when momma is stressed, angry, or frightened.  The important message here is that the communication between momma and baby is what allows for a healthy, natural, and optimal birthing experience. Even more, it sets the child up for a strong start in the beginning of life.

” Variations in women’s emotion-based physiological activity can affect the fetus and may be centrally important to fetal development.” – Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Once the race begins, we just hope that everything we “think we know” about parenting works! Unfortunately, children aren’t born with a users manual and there is no warranty. So when we encounter a problem, we usually seek out the advice of professionals, family members, or friends with experience.  While most of these people are genuinely interested in helping you, most are just not qualified in all areas.

Your body knows itself better than anyone else and the most qualified doctor to care for your health is sitting in the chair you are in right now. That doctor resides within your body and operates through the nerve system, creating harmony within the body. The grand miestro needs no help in healing or keeping the body healthy, just no interference! Keep in mind these principles of self healing and you will discover a breakthrough in how you care for your health. It’s about supporting the body’s natural abilities…not trying to replace them with pills, potions, and lotions.

The 4 disgusting habits that are toxifying your child’s health!

  1. Vertebral Subluxation – Subluxations distort the communication between the brain and body which create disease in an organ or muscle. Without brain body communication, your cells are basically navigating in the dark!
  2. Poor Nutrition – A well balanced diet is implied by nature. When we lose our roots and become depleted of vital nutrients and minerals, our bodies simply cannot build itself well again.
  3. Negative Thoughts – Part of parenting requires tailoring your words very carefully. Negative language or statements like Can’t, Don’t, Never, or Always are words of limitation. No matter how clear your spine is, if you are sending negative thoughts along those nerves, the body will remain in a cycle of sickness.
  4. Education – Lack of education is a huge barrier in health care. This is because most of the health education we receive is done by large companies with biased agendas. Transcending health begins with changing the way you see health!

Our blog mini-series, Holding Health talks bore specifically about the Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins creating interferences within your body. 

Identifying these interferences is a lifelong task- and many times should not be done alone or without the guidance of a healthcare professional. Once an interference is identified and fixed, the body will begin its transformation. The sooner these changes are made, the more quickly the body can recover. Our son Maximus has been on this path of transcending the modern healthcare paradigm by becoming the living example of the principles we live with.

In taking care of children and adults alike, the most important job of the chiropractor is in properly identifying possible interferences and providing a specific and safe strategy to fix these problems. Many times when a problem is found, it is met with a solution that is not effective or even more detrimental to their health. It can sometimes be difficult in working with children because of their inability to accuratly articulate and communicate their feelings.

“Health is no about how you feel, but rather how well you are functioning.”


The best part about the type of chiropractic we offer in the office is that we aren’t looking for symptoms or feelings. We are looking for areas in the body that arent working well as compared to a normal functioning body. We use a variety of diagnostic testing, physical examination, and thermal analysis to identify the areas of interference in the body. Infrared thermography is our preferred method to analyze the spine because it is extremely accurate, cost effective, fast, and emits no radiation so it is safe for use with children and pregnant women.

Once a gentle chiropractic adjustment is made to the spine, the nerve system will regain its normal function. The body will regain its homeostasis and the symptoms will subside because the cause was addressed.  Whenever my 2 year old son Max comes into the office he asks to be scanned. Most of the time his spine is good and holding. If not I am usually able to ask him what happened and he will tell me if he has bumped his head or fallen. He literally becomes a more conscious and aware individual through chiropractic.


My ask to those of you reading is that if you have not had your spine checked for subluxation, please take the time to visit your local chiropractor or contact me directly for a personal referral. If there is no problem with your spine, at least you know and will be more aware when a time comes when you will need care.

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Josh