Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a strict discipline within the chiropractic profession which focuses on the upper 2 bones in the spine. The Atlas C1 and Axis C2 vertebrae were found to be the most important vertebral bones because of its location and anatomy. The upper cervical spine functions as the only 3-Dimensional moving joint complex in the spine, thereby making it the most complex to care for. These two bones are more importantly responsible for protecting the brainstem’s functionality and arterial blood supply. This is also the only area of the spine that can become subluxated and cause nerve irritation. There are many techniques that can be utilized for correction of subluxation, our office just so happens to utilize a technique that is gentle, safe, and effective for improving nervous system functionality in the upper neck.

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This technique corrects the alignment of the upper spine without any twisting, popping, or cracking of the neck!

This technique has helped helped people with headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, vertigo, sleeping issues, hormone imbalances, loss of balance, dizziness, thyroid dysfunction, and respiratory problems.

Toggle Recoil (Hole In One) technique:

Toggle Recoil (HIO) technique is a specific and gentle chiropractic technique used to correct the positioning of the upper cervical vertebra, Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2),  without the use of any twisting, bending, or cracking of the neck. Toggle recoil was a technique designed by Dr. BJ Palmer, the developer and son of the founder of chiropractic. The technique uses a side-lying position, to avoid rotation of the neck and increase comfort. A dropping headpiece is used to dampen the spinal correction and create a recoiling or “spring-like” vibration. This allows the doctor to use minimal force while implementing maximal precision and specificity. Our office is the only Metro-Detroit chiropractic clinic with a Toggle Recoil specialist and one of the select few with a trained upper cervical chiropractor.

Thermal Readings are taken at the beginning of every visit and following every upper cervical correction. The longer a subluxation is left uncorrected, the severity of the injury will begin to increase and place more stress on the nervous system. Upper Cervical Chiropractic care is the ONLY type of care that is available for spinal subluxation in the upper neck. Once a care plan has been created, typically most clients will notice a difference within the first 3 months or 12 visits, if not right away!